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1. I would toast to the fact that we’ve been given the opportunity to purse and accomplish our dreams. The fact that we made it to this fourth album is definitely a huge celebration.

– Shay, NERD


2. I toast to new beginnings! 

–Amber Rose


3. I toast to the fact that we are fortunate to be able to do what we do and we are not like this huge U2 band. We are like this fan full band for the misfits and the weirdos.

– Pharrell Williams




To health and taking everything one thing at a time. Nothing lasts forever.





4. I would like to toast to the money that I make! I take things like that seriously. A lot of things I do and the people I have worked with.

– Lloyd Banks


5. My toast is to longevity in a very tough industry.

– Chilli


6. I toast to freedom and being out of a dysfunctional relationship, and being drama free.

-Evelyn Lozada, Basketball Wives

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