It almost goes without saying that there have been an abnormal amount of high-profile celebrity weddings these past few weeks. From Lala and Carmelo to T.I. and Tiny, the entire month July was ablaze with pre-nuptial buzz around the blogosphere. But despite the glow of various newlyweds in black America, one couple still had their own shadows to contend with. The sudden, public and messy separation of rapper The Dream and singer Christina Milian served as a grim reminder of what can happen when marriage meets hip-hop. After public photos of The Dream groping his assistant surfaced on nearly every gossip site in the country (and Christina was forced to respond with a short, but heartbreaking tweet), I found myself asking–will all of these new celebrity marraiges last?

There is certainly the possibility that they will. After all, one need only look at the marriages of A-listers like Beyonce and Jay-Z or Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon to see examples of a music marriages done right. But then there are the Amber Roses and Kanye Wests of the world–the Reggie Bush’s and Kim Kardashians. The people who make gossip-lovers question every celebrity relationship from its inception. Now obviously (fortunately), the aforementioned couples never made it to the alter. But it is still hard to ignore the overwhelming tradition of celebrity couples burning their relationships into the ground. And with the number of jump-offs, baby mamas and ‘sponsors’ coming out the the woodwork almost daily, marriages involving industry folk–particularly rappers–seem sketchy at best.

Right now, atleast in terms of longevity, I’m rooting for T.I. and Tiny. Their relationship has always seemed decidedly more real than everyone else’s. Not to mention there is just something about the two of them together that just works in my mind. I’m also fairly confident about Lala and Carmelo Anthony’s relationship. And only time will tell if Alicia Keys can actually tame Swizz Beatz’s wandering eyes. Overall, it was a happy July, filled with happy couples and I wish the best for all of them. Now, its time to see if they can all make it last.

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