<p>Chrissy Lampkin chopped it up with Vibe recently to talk about her new VH1 series and her relationship with Jim Jones. What&rsquo;s interesting about Chrissy is that she says she&rsquo;s the Shaunie O&rsquo;neal of the group meaning she started this sh*t in a very humbling way. Many believed that Mashonda was the one that brought this together mainly because her name is the biggest but according to Chrissy that is what Mashonda wants you to believe. I&rsquo;m definitely going to reach out to Mashonda to see what she has to say. Interview after the jump&hellip;</p><blockquote><p><strong>VIBE VIXEN: Tell me how you got onboard with <em>Love &amp; Hip-Hop</em>.</strong><br /><strong>CHRISSY LAMPKIN: </strong>Well, orginially VH1 gave Jimmy a show and it didn&rsquo;t really work out. His idea of a reality show and what the crew had in mind wasn&rsquo;t the same thing, so he was kind of not interested. But we had been doing this for a minute. We had shot two pilots and VH1 liked my personality. We were having the hardest time getting it off the ground and Mona Scott Young came onboard to help Jim and I out, and it morphed into a show with me. They went and got some girls and put it together, and it turned out to be a perfect match; a scenario that felt good.</p><p><strong>Oh, okay, so it was a show that centered around or was based off of you?</strong><br />Chrissy Lampkin&hellip; I don&rsquo;t want to say it was centered around me, but I was the first one there. Everybody else got added on. It follows everybody&rsquo;s story. I&rsquo;m trying to be fair and be humble, but definitely they went and got girls and we all clicked. Like, they brought me other girls and it wasn&rsquo;t right.</p><p><strong>Well some people get it confused and think it&rsquo;s a show that stemmed from Mashonda&rsquo;s life.</strong><br />Chrissy Lampkin&hellip; Yeah, Mashonda will have you believe that. She will tell you that. I never really been one to set it straight, but yeah she likes to exaggerate things.</p><p><strong>Oh wow. What&rsquo;s the relationships between you and Mashonda? Are things not good?</strong><br />Chrissy Lampkin&hellip; I wouldn&rsquo;t say that they&rsquo;re not good, but you know, I keep my eye on her. She can be funny at times.</p><p><strong>Wow. Well, I&rsquo;ll glad you&rsquo;re talking about this because I want to know your relationship with the other girls as well.</strong><br />Chrissy Lampkin&hellip; I like Emily. I like Olivia. Somaya, I can&rsquo;t say that I don&rsquo;t like her; I just don&rsquo;t really know her. I just think her views on some things are just not realistic. But you know, that&rsquo;s what makes the world go &lsquo;round&mdash;different types of people. I don&rsquo;t have anything bad to say about her.</p><p><strong>From the trailer, viewers can see that there&rsquo;s some tension between the girls, but since the show ended, can you say you maintained those same good relationships?</strong><br />Chrissy Lampkin&hellip; Most definitely. I think if anything they&rsquo;ve gotten a little better. I respect Somaya for who she is in her lane, and I don&rsquo;t take it personally. Everyhing&rsquo;s good. We&rsquo;re in a good spot, but when those cameras started rolling and they put you in crazy situations, what can come of it? [<em>Laughs</em>]</p><p><strong>Were you nervous at all for the cameras to catch personal situations between you, Jim and his mother Nancy?</strong><br />Chrissy Lampkin&hellip; I wasn&rsquo;t nervous about it. We&rsquo;ve been doing this for three summers. While we were fil

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