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Hey Everybody, I appeared on 106 & Park yesterday for the first time in 4 years (See video below)


‘106 & Park’ had a Teen Domestic Violence special and because this topic resonates personally for me I decided to share my story with others on BET.

I started my own Foundation called the Free4Life Foundation in 2002, our programs focused on Teen Violence Prevention and Financial Literacy Education

 At the time I saw them as serious issues in our community, I witnessed and experienced hardships with both subjects and wanted to prevent others from going through the same things.  I have shared my testimony with thousands across the US when speaking at colleges and high schools and community centers over the past 6 years of my life.

Here is my Freespeech Commentary on the subject:

First, we want to thank you all for sharing your time with us on 106 & Park yesterday, (If you missed it see video below). This was not an easy topic to discuss, openly and honestly.  I’d like to acknowledge the courage it took for all of the guests to share their personal stories.  Relationships are complicated, but when any form of abuse from either party begins, the relationship becomes even more complex.  Yesterday, we tried to provide the signs to look for and the consequences of staying in an unhealthy relationship.  Personally, I can tell you from experience that abuse, whether mental, verbal, sexual or physical, affects your self -esteem your spirit and your soul. It takes work, patience, love and support to recognize and get through a bad and unhealthy situation. So, before we go I would like to once again identify the top 5 signs of abuse.

Controlling Behavior – does your partner keep you from seeing friends or family, constantly check up on you or try and control where you go?

Belittling Behavior – Does your partner humiliate, criticize or yell at you? Put you down or embarrass you or blame you for his/her own abusive behavior?

Fear – Do you feel fear in your partner’s presence, fear speaking your mind or find your self jumping when they make the slightest move thinking that he/she will hit you?

Threats – Does your partner threaten to hurt or kill you or your family members, children or animals when angry or threaten to commit suicide if you leave? Force you to have sex or destroy your belongings?

Jealousy – Does your partner exhibit abnormal amounts of jealousy? Constantly accuse you of cheating when your not or prohibit you from speaking to members of the opposite sex?

If you are experiencing any of these signs or know someone who is in any kind of danger, I urge you to seek help and support.  If you are in physical danger, please contact your local police station immediately. If you are not sure where to go for help, you can log onto and find for a list of agencies and organizations near you.

Remember, violence begets violence and abuse is unacceptable in any form from man or woman. To speak anonymously and to get advice on your current situation, I am always available via twitter, code name miss free, or you can log onto my website  My website is re-launching on April 1st with an open forum called “Free Your Mind.” This forum will let people talk candidly about their situation with myself and medical experts in the field. We will offer advice and more importantly a way for people to speak aloud about their issues. It is always best to