The Daily Grind Video

I couldn’t help notice the work of a very quick, skilled photographer who caught my towel drop as I was changing my wet swim trunks to my dry shorts the other day.  I mean after all I’m in the internet business and my job is to monitor the blogs.  So anyhow, I have a thought about how can I get my constant blogs about New  York States’ unjust Rockefeller Drug Laws, and all other unjust drug laws around the country that poison our communities by sending diseased citizens to institution for higher criminal learning, to get as much attention as my ass or Aubrey O’day’s ‘Cocaine and Pussy’ blog? Everyone who wants to inspire uplifting ideas in our community has different resources.  I want to be careful to use mine in a way that promotes good karma for me… I want to feel like I’m doing good so that I can actually sleep when my head hits the pillow.  My schedule today includes numerous media and television interviews on Governor Paterson’s bill, although none of is have seen it yet.  As all of you who read the blogs know the Assembly has passed a bill that will restore full judicial discretion, re-sentence those who have been in prison for too long and start an attitude of dealing with drug abuse as a health issue that it is.  As for my ass, I’m sure there are some in left in America who are not as interested in who I’m sleeping with or my ass, but they are interested as I usually am in using what ever resources they have to relieving the suffering of other beings (animals and humans) on this planet.   Those who aren’t can kiss my ass ..:-). Just kidding.

Have beautiful day!

Ps.  For more info on the unjust drug laws watch me today on NY1 ‘Inside City Hall’ and ‘Wall Street Journal Report’ on Sunday.   I am also doing the national radio circuit, so check me out there too.  And go to: for more info.

-Russell Simmons