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Diddy and his Dirty Money crew are planning to release their debut album, ‘Last Train To Paris’ and the album’s cover has surfaced. It’s not a traditional cover, as Diddy and the group don’t even appear on the picture. Interscope Records actually bought the photo from Australian photographer, Jarrod “Jrod” Kimber, who took the pic at the Centre Georges Pompidou during vacation in Paris in 2008. Jrod spoke with Rap-Up about the image.


“Obviously I am not a professional snapper or anything,” he explained. “This was taken on a holiday while waiting for my wife (who can be seen under the G) on a small camera. The only artistic part of it was me seeing the cool red right and going up and down the escalator a few times to get the right shot.”

Although Puff and the label loved the picture and ran with it for the cover, not all feedback from the fans was positive. In regards to the negative comments the cover got he said,

“I can see why some of his fans might see it as whack. It isn’t really a cover aimed at the majority of people who buy Diddy records.”

Ironically, Jrod is more of a Jay-Z and Kanye fan, as opposed to Diddy, but he’s gonna be checking for Diddy more now.

“I’m not going to pretend to be the world’s biggest Diddy fan, I’m more a Jay-Z or Kanye sort of chap, but I always liked his producing of Biggie’s work. Now I’m a bigger fan, I shall talk about his career by saying Post Jrod or pre Jrod when discussing it with people.”

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