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Brooklyn Decker was on the set of Adam Sandler‘s new movie ‘Just Go With It’ and she took it right in her nose. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and girlfriend of Andy Roddick had no issues picking her boogers on set. I wonder if she wiped it on anyone? I mean what do you expect from a curvy girl named after a house? Brooklyn who is on the cover of the latest issue of Glamour magazine told the mag about the origin of her name and more: 

GLAMOUR: And Brooklyn, you live in Brooklyn?

BROOKLYN DECKER: Yes. I was named after a horse called Brook. Glamorous, right?

GLAMOUR: You just got a big part in Adam Sandler’s new movie. How’s your new career?

BROOKLYN DECKER: It’s fun—I get to talk!

GLAMOUR: Were you intimidated?

BROOKLYN DECKER: My God, yes. But the cast knows I’m new and they’re pulling me along.

GLAMOUR: You don’t have a rail-thin build. Was it hard to find your place [in modeling]?

BROOKLYN DECKER: I got successful once I accepted I’m athletic, I have boobs. I set my own standard.





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