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<p>HH4H promo clip 1 Produced by K Sharpton for PEMG. Track produced by DJ Lyvwyr. HH4H is as a National Fundraising event throughout the Hip Hop in over 32 major cities. The youth and Hip Hop community will raise money, relief and awareness for the loss and suffering in Haiti. This event is targeted at galvanizing the Hip Hop community to action as a full body, minus the divisions that have plagued it over recent years. "Hip Hop is a family; we don’t always see eye to eye and we are always arguing, like most families; but don’t mistake that familiarity as breeding contempt. Understand that we bicker, fuss and fight because we are family, and at our essence we have immense love for one another and what we are all a part of. Now Haiti is about to see what that love that power can do when focused and applied toward a singular goal!" said NYOIL, who is also the Ambassador to Hip Hop for the I.B.W. (Institute of the Black World).</p>