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Stack Bundles, born Rayquon Elliott, (October 21, 1982 – June 11, 2007) was a mixtape rapper plucked from the streets of Far Rockaway Queens and placed on the mixtape circuit where he entertained thousands over a years time before going through a bidding war where he landed with Jim Jones’s MOB (Members of Byrdgang ) camp with fellow rapper Max B.

Bundles burst onto the rap scene after signing to DJ Clue?’s Desert Storm Records, joining artists such as Fabolous and Joe Budden. He gained more fame after he brazenly approached Dipset charter member Jim Jones and asked the Harlem-based rapper to promote him. Impressed, Jones helped Bundles compile a series of mixtapes and collaborations.

Accompanied by a friend, Bundles was returning to his home in Redfern Houses on Beach Channel Drive after a night performing and socializing at Club Stereo in Manhattan’s Chelsea section when he was gunned down.

Yesterday, celebs took to Twitter to wish a happy birthday and RIP to the slain rapper.

JoJo Simmons:

Juelz Santana


Jim Jones



Nicki Minaj


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