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A year ago when the country was in the process of electing our next president there was an unmistakable electricity in the air that said something big was about to happen. People were excited, animated, talkative, emotional. We were all sporting our ‘Obama, Yes We Can!’ t-shirts, buttons and educating ourselves on the political process. Clearly we all wanted to play a big part in that magical moment when our collective labor would usher in a new America.  I remember it well. 

Now, as we are entering a new year I have felt a different shift occurring and it concerns me.   America has gone silent.  As with every honeymoon, the flames were sure to die down a bit. The buttons began to come off our coats and our focus settled more into the day to day activities that make up our lives. Understandable, yes but acceptable – no.  Not when we still have so much at stake.

Remember when Hillary Clinton said it takes a village? Well, to get the changes we need for America, it takes a country..a country of people who care enough to stay involved in politics.  We have abandoned the President when he needs us the most.  Sure, we still sit riveted our televisions when there President Obama gives a speech and smile when we see him in the newspaper crusading for one of our causes but we do so in silence. But we have left our President to fight our battles alone. You are probably thinking that this isnt true because in your heart, Obama reigns supreme.  I know that you support your President but ask you to do so ACTIVELY. 

For example,  if you care about healthcare, and I know that you do because you showed up at the polls in record numbers to prove that you do, then talk to everyone you know about it, speak to your relatives, your doctors, your insurance company, etc. just to keep the focus alive!  Vow to support the candidates who support HEALTH CARE FOR ALL – Public Option at least, help to the inner cities, end to nuclear proliferation, and an end global warming and support GREEN technology investment that will make the world and our country a cleaner and safer place.

Get involved!

If you care about the environment then take shorter showers, reccyle your bottles and plastic, bring your own grocery bags to the market, etc.  If you care about global warming make your next car a Prius. If you care about the welfare of animals become vegetarian.

If you care about Gay Rights, don’t stand by when you hear the word, ‘faggot’
being yelled at someone, or say nothing when two people of the same sex walk hand and hand only to be ridiculed behind their backs.  When a bill that
matters to you comes up before Congress write letters, demand the change you want and threaten to never vote for that Congressperson again if they don’t follow through on their promises. 

When peoples human rights are being violated, get a ticket to Washington and march for your beliefs. 

Write letters to the Editor of your favorite newspapers and magazines about issues that are important to the you and the President you elected.  Be vocal at school, work, on the street, everywhere there’s an ear that is available to

THAT’S how you support your President.

THAT’S how you support America.

THAT’S how you support yourself, your family and the environment and all of
its inhabitants. 

And THAT’S the way it is.