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Last night was an all out battle royal for the crown of King of RnB. Day 26, Mario, Trey Songz, The Dream and Chris Brown took the stage at Power 105.1 Powerhouse. Also on the ticket was Keri & Fabolous as well and they tore the show down. 

The highlight of the show was Chris Brown and his return to the stage to a deafening roar of screams, chants and I love you’s.

Day 26 Opened the show and I must say I was quite impressed. The RnB group wowed the ladies w/ song and dance. Will ripped off his shirt, threw it in the crowd and the girl in front of me got knocked in the head for it, by some woman who snuck up to the front for her Day 26 fix. They said sorry and continued to enjoy the show. 

Mario, Keri Hilson and Fabolous also took the stage last night. Mario brought out Maino and Red Cafe to the crowds delight. And Fab performed his hits from the past and present, including his Collab w/ Ryan Leslie and Keri Hilson. Speaking of Keri the highlight of my night, as she turned me on w/ her live version of ‘Turning Me On’

I swear my ears almost popped as the ladies screamed for Trey. Trey proved that his star is still shining last night as the screams for Trey matched Chris Brown’s reaction. 

There was a noticeable dip in the energy of the crown as The Dream took the stage. He rocked his ring, and a hat which flaunted his new position, Exec VP of Island.