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RiRi may be known for being able to hang with the Snoops and Wiz Khalifas of smoking, but that DRANK is another story!

Everyone’s favorite bad girl was spotted stumbling – more like nearly falling to the floor – while trying to make her way out of this weekend’s Open’er Music Festival in Poland. Alcohol in large amounts will definitely do that to you, so there’s no question the infamous party girl was throwing them back something serious.

Good thing RiRi had her security team and Melissa on deck to help her get home safely, because man, we’ve never seen Rihanna this wasted before… Seriously – she could hardly hold her head up.

Check out her epic drunk moment in the video above, plus some photos and a video of good times from her night before it went way left, below:

Rihanna, Melissa, Miguel, and Jennifer Rosales kick back and have a good time.

Rihanna & her bestie jet to Poland.

Epic Rihanna & Miguel Flick

Rihanna Spotted Rolling One Up

Rihanna sings to Miguel while holding a drink 


Photo & Video Credit: Instagram Melissa Forde/Youtube HXSTTC