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Love will remember. 

Earlier we reported that Justin Bieber’s new album will feature a “bunch of songs” about Selena Gomez, well, it seems like Selena has beat her ex-boyfriend to the punch. 

Her new song is titled “Love Will Remember” and it features a private voicemail message from Justin Bieber. In the voicemail, Justin Bieber states: 

“Hey babe, it’s me. Um, I just want to call and tell you that I love you so so so so much. Just wanted to let you know that you are my princess, you are worthy of all the love in the world. You are the love of my life.”

There’s no telling if this voicemail was left before the two lovebirds broke up, or if this is during an on-again off-again moment, but the message is pretty sweet. 

It’s quite possible that Selena and Justin may get back together, because the two exes were spotted spending 4th Of July weekend together

“Love Will Remember” is off Selena’s forthcoming new album, Stars Dance, which is due out later on this year. 

Take a listen to Selena’s personal new song below. 

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