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Selena Gomez does it again!

The 20-year-old singer has released a new track titled “Sad Serenade.”

Following her last single “Love Will Remember,” Selena has dropped another pop inspired song about love, loss, and broken hearts.

“Happier times flash through my mind/we both say it’s over and I believe it is time/all the pain that I hide/let it play through the night/I wish you the best, I really do even though I’m still not over you/A sad sad serenade, sad serenade we almost got it right,” she sings.  

With rumors of Selena’s reconcilation with Justin Bieber, we wonder if this track was inspired by him?

Selena’s forthcoming new album Star Dance is set to release on July 23rd.

In the meantime, check out Selena’s latest offering “Sad Serenade” up above.

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