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MiMi Faust is a made woman! 

The beautiful reality star shared new Instagram photos of herself getting glammed up last night – but that’s not all. Mimi is also setting the record straight – yet again – about the fact that she did not sleep with costar Stevie J

During an interview on Blog Talk Radio, the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star reconfirmed that despite what was shown, she’s not getting it on with Joseline’s man. In fact, in one infamous scene that made it seem like the morning after, Stevie J was not supposed to be in the bed under the covers, shirtless! 

She explained it all had to do with producers:

“I clearly stated what the facts were and why I was there. When I came out of the bathroom they had him in the bed under the covers with his shirt off. When I came out of the bathroom he wasn’t suppose to be under the covers like we woke up together.”

The power of editing.

If you watch L&HH, you know that scene kicked off the show this season and it’s still one of the hottest.

We look forward to seeing more of MiMi in the weeks to come!