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Go girl, it’s ya birthday!

Come and get it Selena Gomez, it’s the big 2-1. Just as the clock struck 12, Ms. Gomez dropped an extremely fun party-filled video entitled “Birthday.”

How appropriate, and what better way to celebrate the big day?

This Spring Breakers star is far from the same girl we met on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Check out the video where this pop princess gets straight up crunk for her b-day!

And in honor of her big day, let’s take a look at 21 reasons why love this girl…

1. She’s never ever afraid to be sassy [and damn can she rock a red lip!]

2. She’s always down for a little dress up..

3. Taking center stage? She does that best.

4. The bigger the hair the closer to heaven. She rocks big hair without a care in the world!

5. Her shoe game stays proper!

6. She knows exactly how to “smize” (smile with your eyes).

7. The importance of “girls night out,” she didn’t forget that.

8. Keepin’ it G! She rocks a long cornrow braid, and looks good doing it.

9. Impeccable fashion sense? I think so!

10. It’s all about having a sense of humor, she’s got that.

11. She’s never too busy to show her fans some l-o-v-e.

12. She’s the face of Adidas’ new clothing line called NEO. Stylish and sporty. 

13. Yep, this girl can saaaaaaaang!

14. She’s friends with Ashley Tisdale, Sarah Hyland, and Vanessa Hudgens. Enough said!

15. Family matters. She holds her stepdad, Brian Teefey, close to her heart while leaving the airport.

16. She mastered the Instagram “selfie” faces, we love this one the most.

17. Selena is never afraid to be fashion forward while handling business.

18. She doesn’t mind hanging with the guys for a basketball game.

19. Casual days. She doesn’t mind keeping it simple yet chic on a day off.

20. It’s all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and experimenting. We see she’s not afraid of that.

21. Last but not least, she SLAYS every red carpet!


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