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Bow down to Queen B …. and Robert Pattinson?

That’s right; the unlikely pair was spotted hanging out after Beyonce‘s concert on July 1 in L.A.

The band Death Grips, who can also be spotted in the photo, uploaded the pic with the caption:

“Robert Pattinson hanging w death grips at the beyonce show. am I in the twilight zone?” 

We guess this finally debunks the rumor of Pattinson being rejected by Beyonce at her own concert! 

“He was trying to get into the Beyonce meet and greet, but he didn’t have the right credentials and he didn’t make it in,” a source told In Touch, via Hollywood Life.

Not to worry though, Edward the vampire is right where he belongs: backstage kickin’ it with Bey. 

SOURCE: Hollywood Life

PHOTO: Instagram

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