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We’ve seen it platinum blonde, cotton candy pink, and even topped with meat.

But this time, Lady Gaga chose to go a more conventional route with a new jet black ‘do, and we’re actually quite shocked at how normal she looks. With no makeup or bubble dresses in sight, could this be a foreshadowing of the new ARTPOP era?

She posted the flick on her Little Monsters fansite, adding:

ARTPOP as they pry the single from my bleeding fingers. its a scary thing to revisit those things underneath, the pain in your past. but all I found was raw passion. I thought I was destroyed inside. im just ready to fight. start the music.

That’s pretty intense, but after taking a much needed break from superstardom following hip surgery, it sounds like she’s ready to claw her way back to the top.

Gaga just recently dropped her long-awaited upcoming album date, and we can’t help but wonder what Mother Monster has in store.

PHOTO CREDIT: Little Monsters