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Lana Del Rey has released a new single titled, “So Legit.”

And it sounds like the New York native has picked a catfight with fellow New Yorker Lady Gaga.

The “Young And Beautiful” singer sharpens her claws and lyrically attacks Gaga in this unapologetic no holds barred, vicious track.

“Stefani, you suck, I know you’re selling 20 million/Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg/You’re hurt, I know my words don’t hurt, yeah,” whispers Lana. 

LDR finishes the song singing, “What happened to Brooklyn, what happened to our scene, baby?/Have we all gone Gaga crazy?”


There is no word on whether Lana will be releasing a new album this year, but she’s not staying silent. 

Without further ado, take a listen to her latest offering “So Legit,” below.