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Why so serious?

Heath Ledger said something in his final role as the Joker that totally captures what I am writing about today: Kanye West needs to chill out. 

Over the past few months Black Twitter has found great pleasure in Kanye spazzing out on the paparazzi. From the time he screamed on them for wishing him a happy birthday to that time he cracked his head on a street sign, to the time he yelled at one to never ever talk again.

It’s been pretty funny. 

So funny in fact that we haven’t stopped to take the time to realize just how serious this is for him – not until he put some random camera guy in the hip-hop camel clutch outside of LAX. 

Look, Yeezy, I get it. You don’t like the paparazzi. But why?

Because Matt Lauer played music in the background of your last interview? Because they ask you stupid shit whenever they see you?

Fans pay money to buy your album, go to your shows and even cough up 100 bucks for a plain white t-shirt designed by you. It’s the paparazzi’s job to provide them with photos of your life. Sure, they are rude. Sure, they ask things like “What are your thoughts on Amanda Bynes?” or “Did you see Anthony Weiners’ dick pics?,” “Why did you record your album in Hawaii?,” “Why does your album sound so different?,” and “Why did you name your baby North?!”

Speaking of Yeezy’s daughter, this should be the happiest time of his life. But instead he’s walking around miserable because the paparazzi want to ask him meaningless questions about nothing that he can easily ignore. 

I’m a Kanye West fan. While I don’t like this new album as much as I like some of his other albums, I respect his art, I look forward to it and I’d still want to pop a molly or drink a beer with Yeezy. He’s that cool. 

But when it comes to beating up random paparazzi and paying them $250,000 to make these legal issues go away, that’s where I draw the line. 

‘Ye is going to fuck around and snap on someone if he’s doesn’t back off. If that doesn’t happen, he’s going to end up giving away North West’s college fund because he’ll have to pay too many paparazzi off. 

My advice to Yeezy, not that he needs it, would be to take advice from Jay-Z who on MCHG basically summed up the price of being a celebrity. 

“This fame hurt but this chain works, I think back you asked the same person. If this is all you had to deal with, nigga deal with, this shit ain’t work. This light work, camera snapping, my eyes hurt. Niggas dying back where I was birthed…”

It’s time for ‘Ye to deal with the camera flashing and the aggravating paparazzi because the murder rate in Chicago is sick. He’s lucky and there should be no reason he’s not smiling for the cameras.

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