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Ken Hanson of the Buckeye Firearm Foundation has defended the group’s efforts to raise money to buy George Zimmerman “whatever he felt was appropriate to defend himself, defend his family, defend his parents.” When asked by Piers Morgan if the Buckeye group were raising money for the Martin family, Hanson was quiet. He ended by saying that should Zimmerman kill another unarmed teenager in self-defense, he would “sleep soundly.” [HuffingtonPost]

Ariel Castro’s son has said he feels his father belongs behind bars and that he will never visit him in prison. Castro has pleaded guilty to 937 counts for holding three Ohio women captive for 10 years. His son, Anthony Castro (pictured above) believes the life sentence without parole is the “best possible” solution. [CNN]

Comedian Tim Allen wants to “reclaim” the N-word, as he feels saying the “N-word” is more offensive than using the word outright. In his argument, he has defended disgraced celebrity chef Paula Deen. This has not been a popular viewpoint, and has drawn criticism from many. [DailyMail]