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What a tease!

Amber Rose is one of the few celebrities that have us, and the rest of the world, desperate to get a glance at their newborn baby preciousness.

But like her arch nemesis Kim K., Amber is just not giving in … yet.

Yesterday, Mother Rosebud took a dip in the pool with Baby Bash and the protective beauty finally showed us some of his face, but we still can’t tell what the little guy really looks like…

Bash wore a yellow and white striped tank top onesie, paired with a blue bandana. Don’t you just love his personal style?!

Amber beamed at her adorable son and captioned the above pic:

Slowly but surely, the new mom is feeling more comfortable with showing little “Munchie” off, so hopefully a full headshot is near.

Until then, we will continue to bask in the mysteriousness that is The Bash!

Photo Credit: Instagram