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“Britney is the one person who gets it!”

Miley Cyrus can relate to pop princess Britney Spears, apparently.

Since both superstars have been in the spotlight since their childhood (Britney: Mickey Mouse Club at age 11 and Miley: acting at age 9), they both know the difficulties of growing up in Hollywood.

And Britney has a lot of experience and advice to give to Miley. The young mom to two boys can have the daughter she always wanted with the new Bad Gal Miley under her wing.

According to Twitter, these two are practically BFFs.

Miley spoke about how she and Britt are kindred spirits:

“Everyone goes through a time in their life where they don’t want their picture taken every day. She just never had that time where she could say, “I’m going through something right now and need to shut down.” I also don’t have that, so it’s good to have that one person in my life who gets it.”

“Sometimes life just steps in the middle of your career the way life always does for anyone – it’s just ours is a little more 24/7.”

So now that we know this, can we get a collabo?!

SOURCE: Daily Mail UK and Twitter