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There’s a serious epidemic occurring and we here at GlobalGrind must address it once and for all: The high, overly thick, overly expressive, dark drawn-in eyebrows.

With fuller brows back in style on the runway, the eyebrow craze is at an all time high and it just seems to be getting worse. We know you want the thick brows celebs like Kim K or La La Anthony possess, but there are some right ways to accomplish red carpet-worthy brows. If your friends won’t tell you, we will … you look crazy, girl!

We’re not down-playing the importance of the drawn-in brow, but this sad, sad brow outbreak has to come to an end; so we’re here to help!

Prepare to be amazed with the perfect brow guide that will have you looking like a Hollywood star.

Step 1: Start with grooming. Sometimes you don’t even need to pick up that eyebrow pencil, a little cleaning up should do the trick. Our first tip is to go to a local salon and go for threading or a wax. Now we aren’t going to lie, the two methods are a little painful, but you won’t regret it. Before sitting down in a chair, show a picture or let the worker know how you want your eyebrows done.

But hold it! Don’t go waxing away any hair you see growing in! Keep the hair removal to a minimum, then you won’t have to draw on the brows so much. Try to challenge yourself and get your brows done maybe every 3 weeks to a month. If you do decide to go for a drawn brow, you want them to look as natural as possible. While you’re waiting for that month or so, use some tweezers to get rid of those annoying hairs, just to clean it up.

Step 2: To define your brows, not re-draw them, start off with an eyebrow spoolie. This little bad boy here will help you place all your brow hairs in the right direction and to your liking. You can find a spoolie at any drug store or makeup counter. An old washed mascara wand will also do the trick.

Step 3:  Using the end of the spoolie, you are going to figure out your perfect brow. Align the end of the brush from the top of your brow to the bottom of your nose, this is where your brow should start. From your nose to the outside of your pupil should be where your arch begins. And finally, from your nose to the outside of your eye should be the tail or the end of your brow.

Step 4: You can use an eyeshadow, pencil, gel or wax to fill in your eyebrows. However we think the most controllable product to use is a wax based pencil. Start off with light (emphasis on light) strokes at the bottom of your brow. You can get a little darker at the tail to define the brow. You can also outline the top portion of your brow flowing the natural curves, or you can go in and start filling in the brows, again, lightly. Use a color that is maybe two shades darker, especially our blondes. M.A.C. eyebrow pencils are amazing, and Milani Easybrow is a cheap alternative. Even if you have dark hair, NEVER use a black pencil, that is a disaster waiting to happen. After that is done, use the spoolie again to go through the brow and blend everything.

Step 5: Next, get an angle brush and a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin. The concealer is going to make your brows look freshly done and defined. Use the lighter shade under the brow and then a foundation or concealer on top of the brow so it looks more natural.

And voila! You’re done, my pretties. Easy, natural and beautiful brows.


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