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Post-prison life is not easy, but it also doesn’t help when your name is Ja Rule. Just days after his house-arrest came to an end, the rapper sat down with Complex for his first post-prison interview.

Throughout the chat, the Murda Inc. emcee does not fail to mention how he wants and deserves a second chance at life. He hopes to make up for the past and make the future brighter and better.

“I would love to start a scholarship fund for prisoners. I’m hoping to get Michael Vick involved, and T.I. and Wayne, and guys who’ve been behind the wall. Because when I was behind the wall, one thing I did see was a lot of guys that want to do something positive, want to do something better with they lives, but don’t have the means to do it.”

Ja also went into detail about life behind bars, having beef with fellow rappers and anything else he wanted to get off his chest.

“I look at a situation like what happened with Trayvon Martin and it really hurts my heart, because it’s like a message is being sent that if you carry a firearm and you’re young and you’re black and successful, we’ll put you in jail. But if you’re a young black man you can be murdered, and then the laws can work in this person’s favor.”

With his upcoming role in the movie I Fell In Love With A Church Girl, Ja Rule has much to look forward to. He also announced recording collaborations with N.O.R.E., Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Fat Joe. Ja Rule dreams of a brighter future and it looks like his dreams just might come true.


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