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This isn’t half bad.

It’s no secret Paris Hilton‘s record deal with Cash Money is probably one of the oddest things in the universe, but her new single “Good Time” actually sounds…good.

Thankfully, there’s no creepy sounds of Lil Wayne giggling in the background or Birdman doing “bird call” adlibs, it’s just good ol’ Paris doing what she does best, sing-talk.

The 16-second snippet features Paris’ producer friends rocking out in the studio while they listen to the EDM-inspired track. Late last month, Paris teased the video for her new single with a few pictures from the set of “Good Time.”

We have no idea when “Good Time” will be officially released, or when Paris will drop her Cash Money debut album, but both will probably come sooner rather than later.

Take a listen to Paris’ forthcoming single “Good Time” below.