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Talk about coming full circle.

Fifty years to the day after Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech, President Obama plans to commemorate the anniversary with his own remarks at the Lincoln Memorial.

The president’s speech, set to take place on August 28, will be held as part of the Let Freedom Ring ceremony scheduled for that day. The White House didn’t offer specific details about Obama’s remarks, but he is expected to speak on civil rights, the recent decision to strike down a key piece in the Voting Rights Act, and race.

In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, Obama has said that he feels responsible to start the conversation on race relations in this country.

“Those of us in authority should be doing everything we can to encourage the better angels of our nature, as opposed to using these episodes to heighten divisions,” he said. “But we should also have confidence that kids these days, I think, have more sense than we did back then, and certainly more than our parents did or our grandparents did; and that along this long, difficult journey, we’re becoming a more perfect union — not a perfect union, but a more perfect union.”

We’ll definitely be tuned in.

SOURCE: Politico