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So a new poll done by Reuters shows that 40% of white people lie about that “black friend” they have. This is incredibly unfortunate, because as a white person, I know for a fact that 100% of white people need black friends.

Not just a black friend, but black friends, as in more than one, and preferably a lot. Trust me. Your life will be so much better for it.

Let me tell you, I didn’t know any black people until college. True story….true miserable story.

I always knew something was missing in my life, and once I went off to school and embraced black people [and people of ALL races and cultures] my life was officially upgraded and forever changed for the better.

Race can be an uncomfortable subject, especially for white people who always tip-toe around actually discussing it for fear of coming off racist, of course, but if we all embraced each other, the world would be a better place.

So, fellow white people, let me tell you why you NEED black friends in your life…

Before black friends, my life was basically this.

Then college came

What had I been doing with my life for the past 17 years?

Yes, I’ve been nicknamed “Becky” & “Blondie” on more than 1 occasion

But it’s OK, worse things have happened

Black people can pull off doing shit like this

But white people can’t even get this right

When you’re with black people, a car ride [or, basically everything] feels like this

But instead, your life might feel something like this

Instead of this

You could have this [which is clearly way better]

We have this.

But black people have this.

And while this is the story of every white girl’s life… 

Black girls work that malaysian hair flip like they own a heaux

How can you even compare this…

To this?

No need to be bitter.

So let’s talk about twitter for a second. Do you like twitter? Because you should embrace black twitter.

It’s wayyyyy better…

Black twitter can turn this Instagram pic of Drake on a video set

into this [and the speed at which it happens is beyond impressive]

So, really, just embrace all potential interracial friendships

Your life will be better for it

You DON’T want to be THAT guy [or girl]

because even this girl knows 

And we all know about that thing that happened to her…