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So what’s the real reason behind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West keeping newborn North West a secret?!

It’s been two months since the reality TV star gave birth to little North West. And since then, there’s been barely any word or sightings of the highly anticipated new family.

So we decided to make a list of reasons why Nori should finally make her appearance to the world…

1. Royal baby Georgie came out of the womb practically doing photo shoots and perfecting the royal wave. Why not Nori?

2. Kanye bought a $1.2 million bulletproof car to protect Nori; you know, just in case they run into any landmines or rocket-propelled grenades…so at least we know she’ll be safe upon her unveiling.

3. It’s been two months already.. #ItShouldntBeTakingThisLong

4. Amber Rose ran out of body parts to show off her baby…Now it’s Kanye’s turn to up the baby ante.

5. Kim should know the color of Nori’s skin to match the stroller by now.

6. Bogus babies and spoofs have already fooled the media once or twice! Right, Kris?

7. Blue Ivy will come out with a Kendrick Lamar diss before North makes her debut!

8. Everyone is dying to know what Nori looks like…More Kim or more Kanye?

9Obama has even started talking about KimYe’s parenting decisions.

10. Her name is no longer a shocker…  We all know it’s not a joke.

11. Nori’s only growing older; they can’t keep waiting or the excitement will die down.

12Honey Boo Boo will probably get pregnant before anyone sees Nori. And then everyone will REALLY forget about her.

13. And finally, KimYe just needs to prove to the world that the baby is actually real.

SOURCE: Instagram, WENN