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Just Blaze and Jay Z have been making hits together for a long time, and during an interview with Sway In The Morning, Just Blaze revealed he and Jay actually made a “Song Cry” part 2.

The original “Song Cry” was featured on Jay Z’s The Blueprint album, and the sequel was actually set to appear on Jay’s Black Album.

When asked about various songs he’s done over the year, Just Blaze brought up the unreleased “Song Cry 2,” stating:

“There’s a part two. Me and jay did a song, it might have been for the Black Album. It was called “Hello Young Lady” it was like a “Song Cry” part 2. The reason why we didn’t put it out, was because subject matter wise was so close. Basically you know how “Song Cry” was three verses? Well, these were the next three verses of that same song. It was so close we were like “uhh we already did this we don’t need to do this again…One day I’m going to get him to put it out.”

Just Blaze fans will be able to hear his production input on Slaughterhouse’s new album, which he is executive producing.

Check out Just Blaze’s interview with Sway up top.

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