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batman and robin

In the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman will make an appearance. Playing Batman, we found out yesterday, will be Ben Affleck.

And, holy fucking shit, Batman, ya’ll dudes is mad. Like, really pissed. As this is going up, the hashtag #BenAffleckasBatman is still going strong. And, earlier today, Michael Keaton was also trending (Which is kinda funny, because ya’ll fools were pissed when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman back in the ’80s).

But, yeah man, despite being on a pretty good professional winning streak, there’s some serious doubt that the man who starred in Gigli will make a good Batman.

Honestly, we think ya’ll being a tad bit too rough; it’s still early. But that’s us.

If Ben Affleck ends up failing as Batman, it will just be one fail among many.

Here are some notable #Batmanfails.


Dancing Batman 

The 1960s were a different time, pals. People weren’t trying to come home from 16-hour shifts at the local taffy factory and watch sad programming. Nah. Which is why TV was more upbeat. So when they had the Batman TV show, they just made every character a happy cornball. In almost every episode, they would do this dance called the Batzui. Which actually became a pretty popular thing in real life. (Actually it was the second most popular dance of the ’60s. The first was The Jetsons and the “Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah”  craze).

Robin and his catchphrases

No way this thing actually lasted three seasons. Impossible.

Villains with obvious names

Batman easily has the most iconic set of villains out of all the superheroes.

But, come on, ya’ll couldn’t try a little harder here?

the joker

The Joker




Clay Face



calendar man

Calendar Man

We’re surprised there hasn’t been someone named the Bad Guy.

The Joker dancing to Prince in Batman

We’re not sure if this was Tim Burton — the director of the first two Batman movies — trying to pay homage to the old shitty Batman TV shows, or if this was something Prince did, but The Joker and his goons randomly rocking out to Prince’s greatest hits is just all wrong, b.

However, it was kinda bawse when Batman came through the glass.

(Someone make a gif of that so we can insert it).

Batman lending R. Kelly the Batmobile in the Gotham City video

What, you never drove the Batmobile around the gheeettoooo of Chi-town? It’s because you ain’t about that life, b.

Two-face actually wearing two different suits in Batman Forever

two face

We know that’s how the shit was in the comics, but come on, son. Make a fucking executive decision. 

Bane as a character


Nah, not this Bane; he was cool as shit, in fact.

We’re talking about this one:

Speaking of Batman and Robin, yeah, just everything from that film 

Like, what?

How about the Batcard?


Batman ice skates


Batman’s butt


Mr. Freeze’s dialogue

Just all bad.

Christian Bale’s voice

The three batman movies that Christopher Nolan made are almost perfect. Almost. Our one complaint: the decision Bale and Nolan made giving Batman throat cancer while he was wearing the suit. Not cool.

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