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And you thought you were getting some new roads.

Turns out the price of housing inmates in New York City is about $167,000 per head – which means most of your taxpayer money is going to crime that doesn’t pay.

According to the New York Post:

The city spent about $167,000 per inmate last year and had 12,287 prisoners on an average day, according to the Independent Budget Office’s first-ever study of the Big Apple’s jails.

“The numbers provide a troubling statistical portrait of the more than 12,000 people in our city jails on a typical day last year, coming at a significant fiscal cost to the city and no doubt great social cost to families and communities,” said the IBO’s Doug Turetsky.

He said the average annual cost per inmate covers additional expenses, such as staff salaries, fringe benefits, facility maintenance and capital expenditures.

Welp! So much for getting us better schools.


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