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These two make a roaring pair. During MTV’s Video Music Awards, President Obama and singer Katy Perry tag-teamed a message about affordable health care via Twitter. After Perry retweeted the president’s note, “If you’re one of millions of young Americans w/out health insurance, you can get affordable coverage starting Oct. 1,” he responded with, “Thanks for spreading the word. #ROAR.” Which just goes to show –  you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. [HuffPost]

As the U.S. contemplates military action in Syria in response to chemical strikes, new information about our involvement in a similar case that helped dictator Saddam Hussein is coming to light. Back in 1988, the U.S. learned that Iran was about to gain a major strategic advantage by exploiting a hole in Iraqi defenses. U.S. intelligence officials conveyed the location of the Iranian troops to Iraq, fully aware that Hussein’s military would attack with chemical weapons, including sarin, a lethal nerve agent. Read about that questionable moment in U.S. history here…[Foreign Policy]

A 2-year-old Texas girl was killed on Sunday when she was struck with a truck operated by her 4-year-old sibling. Authorities have not confirmed if the child at the wheel was a boy or a girl, but they have revealed that the sibling managed to put the vehicle into neutral and it hit the toddler as it rolled down the driveway. [DailyMail]

After posting anti-Islam cards around his university, a student from Oberlin College in Ohio claimed that his racist gesture was meant as a joke to provoke a reaction. The student was also responsible for placing a large Nazi flag on campus and posting the face of Oberlin’s president onto a picture of Adolf Hitler. Which he also said was…you guessed right…a joke. [HuffPost]