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With the advent of September upon us, it’s time to gear up for something new. Whether or not you’re heading back to school, starting a new job, or none of the above, once fall rolls around, a feeling of renewal and excitement for a change of pace as the seasons change is pretty much inevitable. And if you’re heading into your freshman year of college, or your freshman year of real life, any style lover worth her salt knows that fall is the best time of year to covet new fashion finds.

We’re talking new jeans, scarves, coats, and our favorite…boots! And while it’s always cool to pay close attention to the What’s New section of your favorite shopping site, everyone needs a little inspiration on how to take those new duds to the streets, or even how to wear what’s already in your closet with a fresh spin.

That’s where fashion blogs come in. There are a seemingly endless selection of beautiful girls who show off their photogenic fashion skills and expensive accessories available on the internet for your envious perusal. But these are our favorite blogs that will help you take your own finds and rock them with an effortless fall-appropriate attitude.

And yes, they might have some pretty expensive of the moment picks, but the smart ones scour the net for similar items at all different pricepoints, something everyone can appreciate – whether you’re Blair Waldorf, or Jenny Humphrey.

Cupcakes & Cashmere

Emily Schuman is a California girl with classic taste. If you’re into pencil skirts, blazers, heels, J.Crew and DIY home decor techniques, Emily is your girl. She’s basically the younger, cooler version of Martha Stewart – and she’s all about back to school style and our favorite posts: Crave vs. Save, in which she highlights a lower pricepoint version of a covetable designer item.

Sincerely Jules

Julie Sarinana’s effortless, eclectic style could be the spark that incites all your back to school inspo. The Mexican beauty picks pieces for everyone and every price, so whether you’re into leather, prints, dope sneakers, or in search of a flattering bathing suit, Julie’s probably wearing it on her blog. Got a gray t-shirt? Check out her blog for 50 shades of how to wear it, each look cooler than the last.

Jazzi McG

Jazzi McGilbert is your fashion kindred spirit – especially if you’re into experimentation. Her style is hard to pin down; it’s equal parts casual, kooky and sophisticated. Not to mention her hair and makeup is always different and always perfect. If you’re thinking of upgrading some of your old closet staples for the new school year, look no further than Jazzi’s easy and innovative DIY posts.

Lovely Pepa

You don’t have to be a native speaker to understand Spanish sweetheart Alexandra Pereira’s sophisticated/casual style. Whether it’s a business meeting, or a super low key outfit to tour the Grand Canyon on her American vacation, Alex has an outfit for every occasion. The petite European accessorizes something as simple as a jersey tee and denim shorts to perfection. She’ll also introduce you to a whole host of Spanish bargain websites that ship to the U.S. And if you love dogs, her website’s namesake pooch makes frequent appearances.

Song of Style

Aimee Song may be an interior designer by trade, but she brings her pristine care for tailoring, color and placement into her wardrobe as well. She gives you easy tips on how to style printed jeans, experiments with flares and turbans, and shows you how to style your bedroom to fit your personal aesthetic. She also puts together some killer arm swag.

Making Magique

If you love Paris, Cali, pastel, or ’60s chic, Haleigh Walsworth is the American girl living in Paris you must follow. Haleigh doesn’t get carried away with name brands, she prefers ethereal fits, cloud-like comfort, dreamy draping and cute flats (or Doc Martens for when you’re feeling tough). And if you love macarons, lavender cakes, or any other too-pretty-to-eat desserts, Haleigh has recipes for them all!