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Lamar Odom Taco Bell

Lamar Odom has had a tough life, so being called a crack addict and a cheating husband is yet another battle he must face.

You see, throughout Lamar’s entire life, death has been at his doorstep. He lost his mother when he was 12. Twelve years later, he lost his grandmother who took care of him after his mother passed.

That wasn’t the last time Lamar had to deal with death. When his son was only 6 months old, he passed away from sudden infant death syndrome on June 29th, 2006.

During an interview with ESPN, the former Clippers player spoke about the night he lost his son:

“I couldn’t really just like leave the hospital, I stayed with him for about 3 hours and just sat there with him.”

After that tragedy, Lamar spent a lot of time alone, away from his family, away from his teammates.

And now these recent allegations that Lamar has been a secret drug addict for the past two years follows up more pain. Two years ago this month, Lamar had his last dealing with death. While in New York for his murdered cousin’s funeral, Lamar was involved in a car accident that took the life of a 15-year-old boy. Could this have been his breaking point?

“Death always seems to be around me,” Odom said in a low tone. “I’ve been burying people for a long time. When I had to bury my child, I probably didn’t start grieving until a year and a half later.

“I think the effects of seeing [my cousin] die and then watching this kid die, it beat me down. I consider myself a little weak. I thought I was breaking down mentally. I’m doing a lot of reflecting.”

While it was a tragic moment, the story in the news was just a blip on the radar for most. But it could be these moments that still haunt Lamar. Now, while the tabloids try to kill the guy’s character, calling him a crack addict, no one took the time to question why he might have turned to drugs in the first place.

The constant noise in your mind of loved ones from the past. Yearning to hear voices you can never hear again. Wondering how will your son look when he’s 5, 10, 20, when all you have is a picture of him tattooed on your chest.

Lamar is getting a bad rap right now. He can’t order tacos without people asking him if he’s on crack. Well one thing I know is, crack is a strong drug. And being a crackhead is no laughing matter. It’s almost as sad as putting on a smiling face when you’re hurting inside. Lamar smiled as he ordered his tacos and spoke with some fans. He’s always on, never able to grieve, or truly be angry. Almost never able to release emotion the way normal people do.

In conversations with my friends, and just listening to people talk, everyone says they don’t feel sorry for Lamar Odom. The guy is a millionaire and married to a millionaire. Not just any millionaire, but a Kardashian. Did he cheat? Who knows. Is he on drugs? We can’t answer that either.

But one thing I do know is that Lamar doesn’t need to have his personal issues played out in the media for any reason. Whether it’s an upper hand in a potential divorce settlement, whether it’s an intervention, or to get him to come home, these things need to be done in private, with the help of a professional. Definitely not on RadarOnline and TMZ.

So if Lamar is reading this, know I am sending up a few prayers for you, bro.

I’m asking people who read this to do the same. I’m asking people to care, to help that man find some peace in his life. Because he has already seen way too many dark days.

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