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kiston drug shirts

Crack is whack and there is nothing even remotely funny about the abuse of prescription medication. But clothing brand Kitson is currently under fire for allegedly glorifying the latter.

For the brand’s fall collection, the famous L.A. clothing boutique capitalized on the athletic-wear trend of the past few seasons and produced a “team” of prescription drug sweaters highlighting the much-abused threesome of Xanax, Adderall and Vicodin. The soccer style jerseys were designed by celebrity favorite, Brian Lichtenberg, who is known for his playful high fashion parody design, and naturally, the backlash followed closely behind.

According to TMZ, the reps for the aforementioned drugs are planning to sue the company if they don’t pull the shirts from the line.

TMZ reports:

The people at DrugFree.org have already expressed anger over the shirts … but now reps for Xanax, Vicodin, and Adderall tell TMZ, they’re scrambling lawyers to get the shirts yanked from the shelves … OR ELSE.  The “or else” is a trademark infringement lawsuit. Adderall’s rep tells us, “We had no involvement NOR do we approve of the sale of such a product using Adderall to glorify the misuse of our product.” Vicodin’s rep adds, “Prescription drug use should not be trivialized. It is a serious issue and we will be taking legal action to stop the clothing company from trying to sell such a product.”

But Kitson is here to practice their right to bring light to the injustice of popular culture, by any means necessary. That means they are sticking to their guns, and not pulling the T-shirts and sweaters, but they do plan on donating a portion of the sales to the medicine abuse project.

The brand also released the following message:

kitson press release

Looks like they aren’t budging! The line is still listed on their website.


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