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damage heels do to feet

These little piggies cried wee wee wee, all the way to the orthopedics’ office!

While stilettos may have their share of perks that range from visually elongating legs and giving booties all over the globe a lift, it’s no secret that teetering on your tippy toes all day can cause strain to your feet… but just how much?

New technology in the United Kingdom is illustrating the effects of high heels on the human foot, and we don’t know what else to say except, shit is getting real! Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker vowed to give up high heels? Well, she probably saw her foot in an X-Ray like this one.

According to ABC, specialists at Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in North London, England, are using new technology to view the foot and ankle in 3-D. They hope the PedCAT 3-D scanner will transform the treatment of foot and ankle problems often caused by wearing high heels.

Patients can stand in the scanner wearing their shoes or barefoot while hundreds of 2-D X-rays are taken of their feet.  The images are then combined to create a 3-D image from every angle in just 60 seconds.

While there is an established connection between high heels and foot pain, this is the first time the effect of shoes on feet can be seen in real time.

Take a look at the video over at ABC to get a better idea of what type of damage those stilettos are doing to your precious piggies.


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