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School bus beating teens

The three teenagers who brutally beat a 13-year-old in a vicious school bus attack have finally learned their fate after appearing before a judge in a Florida juvenile court.

Joshua Reddin, Julian McKnight and Lloyd Khemradj, all 15-years-old, were sentenced to indefinite probation for their aggravated battery charges – a punishment that came with multiple conditions, including community service, random drug tests and electronic monitoring.

They will have to wear ankle bracelets for as long as 60 days, take anger management classes and stay away from the victim.

Fla. Circuit Judge Raymond Gross, in delivering the sentence, ordered Reddin to pay restitution of the $5 [he stole] and also ordered him to more community service than the other two.

Prosecutors also asked for and were granted a measure stipulating that if any of the three students ended up at same high school as the victim they had the” burden” to leave that school and go to another one.

The boys spoke briefly in court on Thursday:

Reddin said he attacked the victim because he was “angry” and had been “disrespected,” but told Gross Thursday that he was “sorry” for the attack.

One of the teens’ legal guardians believes the teenagers should have been sentenced to jail time for the brutal beating to “teach them a lesson.”

As for the victim, who suffered a broken arm and two black eyes, he is doing better, but his family says he’s still afraid to ride the school bus.


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