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Summer is just about over and for most Americans, school is either in session or just around the corner.

Mostly, this is exciting news – first day jitters, that crush you’ve been waiting to see again, and if you’re in college it means late nights, crazy weekends, and nonstop unadulterated fun.

But then there’s the other part to school – homework, studying, showing up to class, listening to lectures, and dealing with teachers. Teachers – they can make or break you, pass or fail you, and in some situations, are the sole authority on whether or not you graduate with your friends or get left behind to try again.

Some teachers are sent straight from heaven (Think Miss Bliss from Saved By The Bell). Others… well, not so much. Before you crack your books open and get started on that Trigonometry… check out the best and worst television teachers of all time!

Yes, of all time.

BEST: Professor Stanley Oglevee

Professor Oglevee was a college teacher in the hit series The Parkers. Though we never really got to know him too much as an instructor, we did know him as Ms. Parker’s crush – he was quirky, funny, and had a great smile.

WORST: Ms. Morello

Ms. Morello is definitely one of the worst teachers known to television history! Starring in Everybody Hates Chris, she was racist and made obscene assumptions about Black culture. Of course, she did it in a sort of funny way that helped us to eventually forgive and forget.

BEST: Miss Bliss

Oh, how we loved Miss Bliss! She was the caring, sweet, and loving English teacher on the show Saved By The Bell who had to deal with Zach Morrison and his crew everyday. She always demonstrated patience and when the teenagers got too out of line, Miss Bliss always found a clever way to teach them a lesson.

BEST: Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World was one a kind. He had a special place in his heart for the troubled trio Shawn, Corey, and Topanga, even though he seemed to have a very stern demeanor. He was adamant about taking education seriously and he always imparted his wisdom upon the young crew when they needed it.

BEST: Mr. Hightower

Mr. Hightower met his match on The Steve Harvey Show. Romeo, Bullethead, and Lydia just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble and Mr. Hightower was the funk master smooth cat, trying to holla at the principle, but somehow he always got tangled up in his students’ messes. No matter what though, he was always there when they needed him most.

WORST: Miss Lily

Miss Lily from the popular TV series How I Met Your Mother is just not a great teacher at all. Though she means well, she’s extremely temperamental, leaves her 4-year-old students alone at times, insults their projects, and is terrible at coaching basketball.

BEST: Mr. Belding

We love Mr. Belding! Also starring on Saved By The Bell, he had it up to HERE with Zach, Screech, Slater, and their antics, but he when it came down to it, he never completely bailed on them. What a softie.

WORST: EzrA Fitz

Pretty Little Liars’ Ezra Fitz is probably the worst teacher on television right now. Not only has he had a relationship with his high school student Aria Montgomery, but it looks like he also had a relationship with their dead friend Allison DiLaurentis. On top of all this, he may be “A,” the person who has been torturing Aria and her crew for years now.

WORST: Mr. Walter White

Where do we begin with Mr. White from Breaking Bad? Well, first of all, he is a chemistry teacher turned Meth kingpin. Yeah… that’s probably all we need to say.

WORST: Mr. Garrison

What’s so crazy about South Park’s Mr. Garrison? He curses. He underwent sex reassignment surgery twice as a much, much older man. He has a relationship with a finger puppet named Mr. Hat, he yells at the kids, and the list goes on and on.

WORST: Mrs. Puff

Let’s just call it how we see it. We know Spongebob isn’t the brightest sponge in the sea, but Mrs. Puff has to be a terrible Driver’s Ed teacher, because Spongebob failed the course countless times and destroys everything in his path when he gets behind the wheel.

WORST: Mr. Crocker

The Fairly OddParents’ Mr. Crocker is twisted and disturbed. His life is centered around finding fairies (because he is oh-so-sure they exist), and he randomly just turns into a madman when he thinks he’s close to a clue. He is mentally unstable, ridiculously clumsy, and shunned by all of his peers. Why is he teaching kids?

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