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So here’s some news we weren’t surprised to hear, but it hurt nonetheless.

New data from JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that American women who work as physicians made $50,000 less annually in 2010 than their male counterparts.

Not only is that indicative of the lack of progress in pay equality, that’s a shockingly large amount of money.

According to Think Progress:

Men made $221,297 a year, while women made just $165,278. In fact, women’s earnings are just now reaching the level of what men made 20 years ago: $168,795. Women account for one-third of all doctors and half of medical school students.

The data the researchers used in calculating the gap can’t factor in a doctor’s speciality or practice type, which could account for some of the disparity. But they cautioned that it may not just be different choices women make. “Specialty and practice choices may be due to not only preferences of female physicians but also unequal opportunities,” the researchers told Bloomberg News.

But female doctors aren’t the only ones getting stiffed when it comes to making money.

The overall gender wage gap means that on average women make just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. They make less than men in practically every job and industry they might choose to enter. Women’s choices about what careers to pursue and how to factor in family can’t fully account for the gap. They make less than men at every level of education they attain, even beginning with their first jobs out of college. Even women who reach the top of their companies are paid less than other male executives.

And yes, it is 2013. The time for change has come and gone. Let’s get on it, America.

SOURCE: Think Progress

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