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Sadly enough, there are more details emerging from the Vanderbilt University rape case.

The case that involves at least four football players from one of the top teams in the country and a rape victim who was allegedly unconscious at the time of the assault.

BuzzFeed released some more information on the incident, writing about student accounts from the story that show that the door had been broken down in the building where it took place.

The student told the site:

“The middle looked like it had been cracked through and the dry wall had fallen out. It looked like somebody kicked it. It was split right down the middle.”

Apparently, the surveillance camera in the hallway was also covered with a towel, which reports say that could have been because the coach of the team advised him to do so.

The site continues to report:

Sources said that some time after the three other football players entered the room, objects were used to penetrate the victim, though it is not clear which defendants took part in this act. During the alleged assault, according to sources, Vandenburg took pictures and video on his phone, and later sent four individuals the graphic footage.

There’s a lot of details starting to emerge that seem to confirm the case of the rape victim. To read the full article on details from BuzzFeed, click here.