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Ladies, we need to have a little talk.

Earlier this week I called out the inferior human species on a bunch of shit they do that they really need to stop doing (ie: wearing fedoras, taking selfies). But when it comes to the superior species, we’re not all that perfect either, soooo I rounded up a bunch of shit that we need to work on ourselves.

Please ladies, take notes…and you’re welcome.

1. Stop posting lame engagement photos on Facebook. I’m not hating, I just legitimately think it’s lame.

2. No slut shaming! We were all blessed with vaginas – join the unwritten sisterhood of life. Love one another. What one girl does with her own vagina is her business.

3. *Judging* No taking your shoes off at the club. Yes, we know your feet may be burning, so sit down for a few minutes. Take a bathroom break. But whatever you do, keep your shoes on. Please and thank you.

4. And while we’re on the topic of painful heels…learn to walk in them. You look like an idiot in a sexy pair of shoes that you can’t walk in. Don’t do it.

5. No. Chipped. Nails. None. One word: manicure.

6. Stop being thirsty! Love yourself, don’t look for someone else to make you feel good.

7. And adding to that, don’t look for a man for a come up. No man is going to save you – you have to save yourself.

8. Please stop nagging and being a whiny human being. Those of you who do this are giving the rest of us a bad name.

9. Get your “getting ready routine” together. No one likes wasting their time waiting on someone to get ready.

10. Stop hating yourself! You are beautiful, bitch! Own it.

That’s All.