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Unleash the beast!

President Obama is not trying to hear it from Republicans this week, as he just made another speech ridiculing them last night for attacking his Obamacare program.

The speech, made at the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner, came at Republicans after they risked a government shut down for trying to hurt his program.

He said in his speech:

“Some want to shut down the government rather than provide people with health care!”

“It’s not going to happen.”

There is a chance the government could risk a shut down when the fiscal year expires on October 1st.

Also in his speech, Obama talked about how children should be able to walk down the street “free from the fear that they will be struck down by a stray bullet.”

“Just two days ago in my hometown, 13 people were shot during a pickup basketball game,”

Referring to his stalled efforts at gun control, the president said,

“We came up short and that means we’ve got to get back up and go back at it.”

POTUS is fired up! Check out his speech in the video above.

SOURCE: Washington Times

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