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U.S. House Members Leave For Summer Recess

So I bet you’re hearing all this talk about a government shutdown on the horizon.

Which means that “non-essential” federal government employees would be sent home without pay, national parks would be closed, some law enforcement would be cut and trash in the District of Columbia wouldn’t be picked up.

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Yeah, I know. It’s enough to make us cry too. Especially when this whole thing could have been averted. Speaking of which, you are probably hearing a lot of talk about Obamacare and how Republicans and Democrats are fighting over defunding the program.

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Tell me about it. Like, remember Ted Cruz’s fake filibuster to kick Obamacare to the curb?

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Figures. Well, in a nutshell, the House and the Senate have to agree on a government funding bill by Sept. 30. If they don’t, come October, the government will shut its doors. And there’s a big elephant in the room blocking that agreement –  Obamacare. Republican lawmakers despise the health care law. And they were willing to risk a government shutdown unless a resolution was passed that defunded Obamacare.

Wait. Are you listening?

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Pay attention. Anyway, you’re probably wondering why they hate it so much. Well, we’re actually still trying to figure that out. Because a new MSNBC poll shows that more Americans oppose the health care law when you call it Obamacare: 46 percent of Americans oppose the health care law when it carries Obama’s name, while just 37 percent oppose the Affordable Care Act.

Guess what. They are the same damn thing.

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I know, right!? Anyway, the fight went something like this…

So Obama is like “yay, health care for all!” Which basically means he wants to reform health care to providing more Americans with access to affordable health care, improving the quality of health care, regulating the health insurance industry and reducing spending in health care. That was a mouthful.


And the Republicans are all like:

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Because they don’t want to take away from the rich or whatever.

So Obama is telling them, like it’s really a good plan. In fact, he said this: “A few years from now, when people are using this to get coverage and everybody’s feeling pretty good about all the choices and competition that they’ve got, there are going to be a whole bunch of folks who say, ‘yeah, no, I always thought this provision was excellent.’ I voted for that thing. You watch. It will not be called Obamacare.”

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But the Republicans are like:

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Holding their pinkies up and trying to devise a way to delay Obamacare (which kicks into effect on Tuesday).

Aha! Let’s shut down the government!

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And Obama is like…


And Republicans are like…

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Because it’s not even that Obamacare is all bad…they’re just pissed it’s Obama’s.

In the end…well, there is no end, because the fighting hasn’t stopped as of Friday. And the Republicans are still trying to find ways to bury it forever and believe that Obamacare should be part of the talks to raise the government’s borrowing authority, known as the debt ceiling.

But they better get it together before Tuesday, because if they can’t agree on anything, we’re all screwed.

And yes, you should be concerned, just in case you want health care and all…

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Exactly. For situations like that.

Let’s pray on it.


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