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Move over, Miley! There’s a new twerker in town.

Ke$ha stripped down and bared it all, showing off her booty mid-twerk on Twitter. The singer posted a photo of herself on all fours wearing nothing but a t-shirt, green and purple thong and a black lacy garter.

Damn, girl!

The photo caption? “Butt.”

Two hours later, Ke$ha shared another booty-barin’ photo of herself, still rocking the sexy get-up. This time she wrote, “High fa$hion. obv.”

She’s also debuting a new hair color. Last week, Ke$ha was spotted sporting a six-color dye-job; she’s now toned it down to just two: a light blue and purple combo.

All we can say is…lookin’ good girl.

SOURCE: E! Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram