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On Friday afternoon President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden decided to take a walk from the White House to a nearby sandwich shop, Taylor Gourmet.

The president ordered a turkey and provolone creation. Biden had the “9th Street Italian.”

And when the two buddies were asked why they decided to have lunch at Taylor’s, Obama responded:

“Part of the reason we’re here is because we’re starving.”

Fair enough.

We will, however, add that the president also picked Taylor’s because they were giving 10 percent discounts to those who are furloughed in D.C. And yes, the president got the discount as well.

“The other reason we’re here is that this establishment is giving 10% off to furloughed employees. This is an indication of how ordinary Americans are looking out for one another.”

Sweet! Anyway, D.C. went wild. Because the president ordered a dang sandwich.

And though we can’t lie – it was great to see him walking the streets of D.C. – he’s no stranger to doing mad regular stuff all the time. I mean, minus the Secret Service stuff, the death threats, the government shutdown, an intense feud with Mr. Bitchy Resting Face and being the president and all.

But take a look…

Told you. But all these mad regular pictures brings us to one conclusion.  Our president really loves a good sandwich.

Our kind of dude.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT : Getty, Twitter

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