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Eminem must be so proud!

Most of us can probably remember that mushy feeling we felt when we first heard this little tot on Slim Shady’s “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” but its 2013 and little Hailie Mather is all grown up.

Judging from multiple Twitter photos Hailie is gorg and according to a screenshot from the news, even taking the crown for Homecoming Queen of her school!

In a screenshot of a news report by ABC, Hailie can be seen on her school’s football field accepting her crown next to the Homecoming King (what a lucky guy!).

She looks just as beautiful as ever, and we’re sure that her rapper daddy is so proud to know that the world sees her beauty the way he does.  Check out of all her photos below!

Congrats Hailie!


Eminem’s Daughter, Hailie Mathers, Is All Grown Up!
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