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k rose

Be patient. This is something K. Rose had to learn the hard way. For nearly four years, K has been holed up in the studio, working on music with famed producers Cool & Dre.

She won’t have to be patient for much longer though. The Miami-based singer is getting ready to release her first EP, Sink or Swim. The first release off of the EP was the dance-ready women anthem “Booji Girl.” (The video for the song is excellent).

The next single off the project is “That Fire,” which has special guest Rick Ross on it. The singer will reveal that song soon, but we got the sense, talking to her recently, that she was ready to drop it now.

Hey, you can only be patient for so long.

During our sit down we talked about her new EP, Miami life and what her relationship with Cool & Dre is like.

Check the interview out below.

How did the “Booji Girl” song come about?

Every girl kind of has a fantasy in her mind of how she really wants to be treated by a guy. There’s been so many cases of women being hurt in a relationship, and instead of looking at it in a negative standpoint, I kinda turned it around and looked at it from a powerful standpoint, where a girl can really turn the tables, like “if you want my love, then bring me everything I wanted.”

The single is very EDM, does the EP sound like that?

I would say it’s actually a mixture of EDM, R&B and hip-hop. I have a couple of influences on here, which comes from working with Cool and Dre. I actually have, for the first time, a song that’s produced by them. My songs have never been produced by them, but I work with them, so it’s funny. I’m mixing a bunch of different things, experimenting. It’s starting to sound like good music.

What’s your relationship with Cool & Dre like?

They’re almost like my brothers at this point. We’re three and a half years in. They are very supportive of my ideas. They’re hands off, but they are hands on at the right time.

How’d you meet?

There was a talent show down here in Miami, and I was a special guest at it. And Cool was one of the judges, and I performed, and I guess he was blown away, because right after I performed he asked my manger if I could come back to the studio and perform for everyone. And, I don’t know if it was the next day or that day, but Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, they were all in the living room of the studio and I had to perform in front of all of them. It was funny because the stuff that I was doing was so pop and dance and young — I was like 16 — but they loved it. And the next day they signed me.

You’re a Miami girl, what’s something people get wrong about your city?

That it’s a vacation spot. Some people don’t realize that there’s an actual grind out here when it comes to music. It might be a little low key, but it’s here. There’s a nice little mixture of music that’s about to happen, I think, this year.

Do you have any guests on your EP?

Yeah, the next single is called “That Fire” and it features Rick Ross. This is the one that is produced by Cool & Dre.

Did you meet Ross?

Yeah. I have. When I was 16, around that same time when I was still trying to prove my point to Cool & Dre that I’m like this big young star. They brought Rick Ross in there, because he was working in there. The next time meeting him was when we worked together. I sent him two songs and he picked “That Fire.” I’m really excited about this, it has a nice old school feel.

Did he pick the song you wanted?

Yeah, actually. I didn’t expect it, but he picked the right one. It’s really cool, I didn’t expect it to come out this way. I didn’t even really expect to have Rick Ross. They surprised me one day.

The EP is coming out when?

They’re saying winter now. They just kinda reported that to me. But, yo, I’m ready. I think it’s just on their end they want to make sure they can push it 100 percent. But I’m in the studio everyday, making sure it’s perfect. It’s called Sink or Swim.

You sound disappointed that you have to wait.

I’m always ready. I’m always ready to release content. I’ve been ready to release because I only put out things for people to kinda see I’m working, just trying keep the eye on me. But my EP, I really want people to hear my voice, that I can sing and write. There’s great visuals, too, I don’t want to leave that out. I’m shooting videos for every song on there.

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