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The BET Hip-Hop Awards are coming on tonight (depending on when you read this, it might have already aired). I had the honor of being in the audience during the once legendary awards show, and while tonight’s show was probably the best I’ve seen in years, it still could have been a lot better.

I feel like Snoop did a decent job hosting and the performances were all pretty stellar, but other than that, the BET Hip-Hop Awards is facing some issues. How can you call yourself an award show, when you have 18 categories, but only show 4 categories on TV?

Now this wouldn’t be such an issue if… SPOILER ALERT, any of the winners were actually in attendance! If the powers that be don’t switch up the model next year, they might as well change the name to the “Annual BET Rappers Performing In Atlanta Show” or something like that.

I remember just back in 2008 when Lil Wayne was there to accept his awards, it catapulted him to the top of the game. But now when artists are too rich, and too busy, to show up to accept the award, it takes away from the whole point of the celebration.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of artists who actually show up that people care about, but they don’t get any shine! As I sat in the audience, right next to Mike Will Made-It, I couldn’t help but think that the time has come for BET to go back to their roots and switch the game up a little bit.

Start by breaking artists and propelling them to the next level by actually letting them win awards!

Why not air some of the secondary categories? I’d much rather see Mike Will Made-It win best producer and accept the award for it, then know Drake won Verse of the Year and he’s too good to show up. It’s OK when it happens once or twice, but when it’s every award, it’s time to call an audible.

Migos (who had one of the biggest hits of the year) were in attendance at this year’s BET Awards; it would have been nice to hear from them. Hell, even Kendrick Lamar was nominated for 14 awards, but he went up to accept an award for a song he was featured on? (A$AP’s “Fuckin Problems”) Come on, man! We gots to do better.

The BET Hip-Hop Awards will be entertaining tonight, with some awesome performances, but calling this an awards show is just downright wrong!

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