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It’s Halloween in Los Angeles, and GlobalGrind’s new West Coast transplants Russell Simmons and Simone Reyes hit the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride’s Black Carpet to ring in the season. Still building the presence of Def Pictures in Los Angeles, Simmons and Reyes took the night off to check out how LA celebrates the scary season. Press night at the Hayride brought out a who’s who of black carpet revelers including Zac Efron, his rumored new flame Brittany Snow, Julianne and Derek Hough, Adam Shankman, Krysten Ritter, Rumer Willis and many other familiar faces. The LA Haunted Hayride promised to “ruin” people this Halloween and it appears to be succeeding. Set on the grounds of Griffith Park’s old zoo, which has a history of being a breeding ground for paranormal activity, the hayride resides on soil that has seen murders, abductions and serial killer happenings. Re-creating and immortalizing actual historical events, this year’s hayride is rich with scenes depicting real sadistic individuals who have made front page news and re-creations of gory, murderous stories that are burned into the consciousness of our memory. The hayride pulsates with haunting visuals, elaborate, massive, spectacular sets and truly terrifying monsters (who have no issue coming within an inch of hayriders faces) that will surely keep thrill seekers dreams haunted for nights to come.

After enjoying the hayride, Russell, Simone and their group checked out the maze. Armed with only a low- voltage lantern, those that dare to enter the dark and twisty walk-through maze, fittingly called “The In Between” are met with the challenge of outrunning ghoulish monsters who jump out at every turn and negotiating through a claustrophobic escape wall that promises to make even a seasoned thrill seeker call for their mommy. The maze became so frustrating for Simmons that he and his crew found an emergency exit and bolted back into the safety of the park where they found the all vegan Grub Shack that Chef Kajsa Algar from STREET was manning. All of the celebrities who came out during the witching hour enjoyed the attractions in the Purgatory side show area that features several spooky attractions – such as from Jack’s Carving (Pumpkin) Shack, the carousel “Scary-go-Round” a house of mirrors, psychics and even Demonologists from the Vatican. New York boasts the most talked about Halloween Parade in the world but Los Angeles is giving the Big Apple a run for its money with attractions so terrifyingly magnificent as the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. Welcome to LA, Def Pictures. Boo.

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